Ufone Balance Save Code 2023 | Ufone Balance Save Karne Ka Tarika

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Every time a user activates an internet package, they need to enter their Ufone balance save code. in order to prevent the user’s balance from being used to run the internet, and wants the internet connectivity to terminate once the activated package expires.

Every telecom provider gives their customers a code, a special code supplied under the name of Balance Save. Which varies for each telecom, do you utilize Ufone? Welcome if your response is yes and you’re interested in learning more about how to save your Ufone balance. We really hope that you will find the information you are looking for on the Blog Guru page.

What exactly is a Ufone Balance Save Code?

When any activated internet package expires, the Ufone balance save code shields the user from pointless balance deductions. and the user does not realize that he has over the package limit or forgets the activated package’s expiration date, continuing to use the internet even after it has passed its expiration date. So the balance continues to be subtracted in this situation.

Have you experienced this? If the answer is negative, you are fortunate; if it is yes, don’t be alarmed; it has occurred to lots of individuals. You are not the only person who has experienced this. Ah, I think we can all agree that it is a dreadful sensation.

Balance saver code aids in preventing such occurrences. As soon as we dial it, our internet will be disconnected in order to preserve our balance if our activated internet package runs out of resources or expires. To learn how to utilize this Ufone Balance Saver Code, please read the further information.

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Details for the Ufone Balance Saver Code:

  • Price: Free of Charge (Rs. 0)
  • Code: *6611#
  • Validity: 30-day (Auto Recursive) period of validity

How Can I Save My Ufone Balance When My Data Is On?

Follow these easy methods to stop your Ufone balance from being debited when using the internet:

  • From your Ufone number, dial *6611#.
  • Reply with 1 (in the newly displayed menu) and you’re done.

Ufone Balance Save Unsubscribe Code

You can cancel the Ufone Balance Save service by dialing 6611 and then responding with 2,

For more instructions, refer to the detailed process given below.

  • On your Ufone phone, dial *6611#.
  • 2 (in the newly shown menu) as your response
  • Done; you’ve been unsubscribed.

Ufone Balance Save Karne Ka Tarika 2023

When dialing *6611# with the Ufone phone number entered, the message “Our Reply Karein 1 Ke Sath” appears. Ufone Ka Balance Save Karne Ke Liye, Takay Internet Package Khatam Home Ke Bad Balance Ke Zariye Internet Na Chale. Follow Karein: Mazeed Rehnumai Ke Liye Neeche Darj Steps

  • To reply, dial *6611# on a Ufone number, and then enter 1.
  • You can subscribe to the Aap Ne Balance Save Service here.


Every user who subscribes to internet packages needs to use the Ufone Balance Save Code Service in order to save their balance in the event that the package’s resources are used up or expire. I hope you received the data you sought. Post your inquiries in the comments section if you still have any.


Simply dial *6611# to activate the balance saving function on Ufone.

Just type 123, your scratch-off card’s 14-digit number, #, and then click SEND.

To access a menu, dial the USSD code *336#, then type 1 to access it. The sender will be informed when the verification of his Ufone number is complete.