Telenor Quiz Today | Telenor Quiz Today Answers – 20th August 2023

My Telenor Quiz Today Answers

Everyone, I’m sure, wants to use free internet data without paying for it. So, the Telenor quiz today is here, and you can use it to gain daily free MBs. Every day, Telenor runs a test called “Test your Skills” in which you must correctly answer 5 questions to be eligible for a reward of free MBs. The “My Telenor app” is being used to run this contest.

My Telenor app has answers as of today, August 20, 2023. This article will go over the response to today’s Telenor quiz. You only need to have the My Telenor App on your phone to take advantage of this offer everywhere in Pakistan. We serve our visitors at, every day by giving them the right to today’s Telenor quiz answers.

However, each person is only allowed to attempt the Telenor questions once, so what happens if you don’t know the precise answers? We strive to provide genuine responses for today my Telenor answer before anyone else on

Telenor Quiz Today Answers | Daily Quiz | 20th August 2023

Question 1: “Statue of Liberty” was a gift to the United States from which country?
  • France
  • Beijing
  • Answer: ( France ) Option A
  • Japan
  • Santorini
Question 2: The Samurai warriors belonged to which country’s feudal military class?
  • Argentina
  • Japan
  • Answer: ( Japan ) Option C
  • Greece
  • Denmark
Question 3: Who was the last tsar of Russia?
  • Alexander I
  • Ivan II
  • Answer: ( Nicholas II ) Option B
  • Nicholas II
  • Peter II
Question 4: When was Russia’s “Red October” Revolution?
  • 2020 March
  • 1283 April
  • Answer: ( 1917 Nov ) Option D
  • 1892 Jan
  • 1917 Nov
Question 5: Who was the only British prime minister to have been assassinated?
  • Perceval
  • Hun Sen
  • Answer: ( Perceval ) Option A
  • Bhutto
  • Ralph
Telenor Quiz Today

Telenor Quiz Today Answers | My Telenor App | 20th August 2023

Test your skills today is a fantastic Telenor program that allows customers to receive free 150 MBs each day by responding to 5 short questions.

You can utilize the Telenor gaming quiz from today to get daily free MBs. Every day, Telenor offers a test called “Test your Skills” that you must pass in order to receive a prize of free MBs. This competition is being run using the “My Telenor app”. In order for you to enjoy free internet without hassle, we give you these answers before everyone else.

Answers for today, August 20 2023, from the My Telenor app This piece will discuss the solution to the Telenor quiz from today. Only the My Telenor App on your phone is required everywhere in Pakistan. We serve our audience at every day by giving them the right to today’s Telenor quiz answers.

If you frequently visit our website, you will notice that Telenor questions start to appear around precisely 12 a.m. Save the website’s link, go back frequently, and respond to the daily questions. You can get a day’s worth of free internet by responding to these questions.

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About Telenor | Pakistan Telecom Network

Telenor is a global Norwegian telecommunications corporation that was founded in 1855. With more than 172 million subscribers, Telenor strives to offer top-notch services. With the assistance of more than 16000 employees, they generated yearly sales of 110 billion according to the financial year 2021 figures.

It is the second-largest network in Pakistan. One of their projects is “Test your skills”.

About My Telenor App | Telenor Pakistan

With the help of the smartphone app My Telenor, you may manage your account at your fingertips. It makes it simple for consumers to monitor their balance, and data consumption, and subscribe to or unsubscribe from their preferred offers with just one click. You may play the Telenor questions and answers with this.

Details about Test your Skills | Telenor Quiz Today

Every business employs a few strategies to attract as many clients as possible so they may differentiate themselves from their rivals. “Test Your Skills” is a straightforward knowledge exam with 5 questions that gives Telenor users the chance to learn more while also entering to win daily free MBs.

Every midnight at 12 a.m., 5 different Questions are included with this promotion. Because there is only one chance to win the prize, gives you the correct answers so you can take advantage of daily free MBs.

How Can I Take Part in Telenor Quiz Today to Win Free MBs?

To Participate in this Quiz:

  • Download the “My Telenor App
  • Use Your Telenor Number to Log In
  • “Test Your Skills” is located on the mobile screen’s right side.
  • Select it and respond to the questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a legitimate deal that is daily renewed in the Telenor app.

After responding to all five questions for a single day, users can receive 150 MBs.

To play and win, download the “My Telenor” app officially.

Free internet is not available to guests. You’ll need to use your cellphone number to register for this.

Final Verdict

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To get free internet, users always wait for today’s telenor answers. You have the opportunity to earn 150 MBs today by responding to 5 questions every day offered by Telenor. You don’t need to worry about it since will give you the answer at precisely midnight, 12 a.m. Play the test your skills game every day to take advantage of the free internet data.