Telenor Advance Code – Latest Telenor Loan Code 2023 (100% effective)

Telenor Call Packages

By dialing *0#, you can get the Telenor Loan Code. This article will describe a Telenor Advance Code. You can use the advance balance, commonly known as an emergency load service if the balance in your Telenor sim runs out.

Telenor offers a variety of services to customers in the Pakistani market, including calls, SMS, and internet access. To do this, they connect to 4G high-speed internet. Dial the Telenor Advance Balance Code to receive Rs. 30 in advance if you require an emergency balance.

You can check the details and charges below. The Telenor Advance Balance Code is *0#.

Telenor Advance Code With Details

Use the Telenor loan code *0# to receive an advance balance with ease. Before utilizing this service, kindly make sure that your balance does not exceed 10 rupees. The minimum amount needed for approval is ten rupees. As simple as 1-2-3!

You can now receive Rs. 30 with a Telenor Emergency Load. With the exception of balance transfers, you may utilize this loan amount to use any prepaid service. Customers of Telenor and Djuice are reimbursed for the fee upon loan return (your following successful recharge).

Details For Telenor Emergency Loan Code:

  • Name: Telenor Loan Code
  • Telenor Advance Balance: Get Rs.30 Advance Balance
  • Charges: Rs.6.5 Tax
  • Telenor Advance Balance Code: *0#

In Pakistan, Telenor phones are used by more than 15 million people. You can use their hassle-free borrowing service to easily get your balance! With 15 million clients and credit in Pakistan. If you require equilibrium in a hurry The Telenor Emergency Loan Code (*0#) was introduced as a loan code.

With 4G, Telenor now offers service in over 20 Pakistani cities. With greater data quality and quicker internet speeds, 4G LTE services will be available in more areas of Pakistan.

How To Get Telenor Loan Using Phone?

Any Sim Card can be used to obtain a loan by simply dialing its loan code in an emergency. Dial *0# to receive a Rs. 30 loan from Telenor if you’re unsure how to take out a loan from them.

  • To obtain a Telenor Loan, dial *0#.
  • 30 rupees are available in advance.

Telenor Advance Balance Code 2023

  • For a free balance, you should phone the Telenor Advance Balance Code *0#.
  • A 30 rupee advance will shortly be credited to your account.
  • A cost of Rs. 3.5 is required to seek a Telenor advance balance loan.
  • To use this service, customers must have money set aside.
  • Up until the next recharge, a maximum of one advance of Rs. 15 may be obtained.
  • The service fee is Rs 6.5. Rs. 18.5 will be added to the subsequent recharge.

Terms And Conditions

  • In the absence of internet packages, it will cost Rs. 1 per MB.
  • For additional information, please call Telenor’s helpdesk at 345.
  • After activating the Telenor Loan Code, dial *444# to check your balance.
  • PTA says it’s against the law to use a SIM without authorization.
  • To report inappropriate or unwanted communications, text the sender’s number to 9000.


Described in this article is the Telenor Loan Code. That is a thorough & simple method of receiving a loan from Telenor. Additionally, you can obtain a loan via my Telenor Mobile App. Alternatively, dial the provided code from your mobile device for an advance loan.