Jazz Super Advance Offer and Balance Loan – Code & Details

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Jazz Super Advance Offer

We provide you with the best economic Jazz call packages which include the ‘Jazz Super Advance Offer ’. You will be amazed after you subscribe to this offer.

Super Advance

Package Name

Rs. 4.60

Excluding Taxes


Subscription Code


Jazz Advance offers you the convenience of obtaining an advance balance, with the amount varying up to Rs 200 based on your usage history. Please note that this service is exclusively available for Jazz Prepaid customers, ensuring that you can stay connected even when you need it the most.

If you bought a new sim, you won’t be able to avail advance for 30 days. Based on your usage history, you have the opportunity to receive up to three offers until your next recharge.

  • Dial * 113 #.
  • This code transfer 30 rupees loan to the user’s account.
  • The network will charge 5.98 rupees on the next recharge.
  • This service is only for Jazz Prepaid subscribers.

Jazz Advance Loan Details and Get 30 Rupees

Jazz users can borrow up to 30 rupees, yes, you read that correctly. Jazz users can have an advance amount of up to Rs. 30 deducted from their next recharge. Simply dial the Jazz Advance balance code * 112 # twice, and the amount will be topped up quickly in two installments.

To use the Jazz borrowing service, dial * 112 #.
You will immediately receive an Rs. 15 balance.
The service cost for Jazz Advance is Rs. 4.60 plus tax.