Jazz Give A Bundle – Gift Package Price Details

Jazz Give a Bundle (Jazz Call Packages)
Jazz Give A Bundle

We provide you with the best economic Jazz call packages which include the ‘Jazz Give A Bundle’. You will be amazed after you subscribe to this offer.

Give A Bundle

Package Name


Free On Net Minutes



3 Day


Rs. 35.00

Including Taxes


Subscription Code

Features of Jazz Give A Bundle

This Gift offer provides you with 100 on-net minutes, and 1024 internet MBs for 3 days. You can subscribe to this offer for only Rs. 35 (including tax).

Codes for Give A Bundle

  • Subscription code: *919#
  • Unsubscription code: *919*4#
  • Status code: *898*2#
  • Information code: *919*3#

Terms and Conditions

  • The sender can only be a Prepaid number.
  • The sender cannot gift the bundle to themselves.
  • The bundle cannot be gifted to a Postpaid number.
  • Multiple gifting to the same number is allowed.
  • The previous incentive will be added to the receiver’s existing bundle, and the latest validity will be applicable.
  • Upon a successful transaction, the receiver will be granted 1 GB of data and 100 On-net minutes.
  • The validity of the incentive is 3 days.
  • There is no limit on gifting transactions in a day.
  • To discover general terms and conditions, please! Click here.