Jazz Friends Bundle – 2 Hours Call Package Details

Jazz friends bundle
Jazz Hourly Bundle

We provide you with the best economic ‘Jazz Friends Bundle’. You will be amazed after you subscribe to this offer.

Friends Bundle

Package Name


Free On Net Minutes


Internet MBs for Facebook

2 Hours


Rs. 10.00

Including Taxes


Subscription Code

Features of Jazz Friends Bundle

The ‘Jazz Friends Bundle’ provides you with 250 on-net minutes, 200 SMS, and unlimited internet MBs for 2 hours. you can only use Facebook with these unlimited MBs. You can subscribe to this offer for only Rs. 10 (including tax).

Codes for Jazz Friends Bundle

  • Subscription code: *555#
  • Unsubscription code: *555*4#
  • Status code: *555*2#
  • Information code: *555*3#

Terms and Conditions

  • The Internet Bundle can be subscribed to and used in areas with 2G/3G/4G network coverage.
  • Bundles will not auto-subscribe and need to be re-subscribed upon expiry.
  • The internet speed depends on various factors, such as your SIM card, device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users, and distance from the 2G/3G/4G site.
  • If you haven’t subscribed to a bundle, you will be charged Rs. 5 per megabyte (MB).
  • In the event of concession termination, an average charge of Rs. 2.25 per megabyte (MB) will apply.
  • Click here to discover general terms and conditions.