Mobile Packages

Mobile network operators offer a bundle of services to their customers for a set price, these services include call minutes, SMS, and internet data, thus are known as mobile packages.

Call minutes let you communicate with other people far away. Among these minutes are on-net minutes that allow you to make calls within the same network and off-net call minutes through which you can make calls to other networks as well.   

You can also get SMS through mobile packages. SMS stands for ‘Short Message Service’ which allows you to send a message to any other person irrespective of the network he or she uses.

The most important and useful service that you can get through mobile packages is internet data. People use internet data to scroll through the internet to get any information and entertainment they want.

There are a total of four mobile network operators who provide their services in Pakistan. These network operators are Jazz/Warid, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone.

They offer different types of mobile packages that vary from hourly to daily, weekly, and monthly packages. The packages also include prepaid and postpaid packages.

Prepaid plans demand customers to pay in advance so that they can use the mobile services but postpaid plans allow customers to use their services in advance and pay for them later.

Mobile network operators offer a variety of different packages to meet the need of their customers. Some packages offer unlimited call minutes and SMS, while some offer Unlimited internet data. 

There are also packages that offer a limited amount of call minutes, SMS, and internet data. When choosing a mobile package it is important to know your needs. 

For example, if you need to make calls then you can use call packages, and if you need to use the internet for whatever reason it may be then you can use internet packages.

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