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chicken rate today

This is the new Chicken price (Murgi ka rate) of the current date, If you want to know about your chicken rate today then below find and check the chicken rate today.

Chicken Rate Today in Pakistan (Murgi ka Rate)

Today’s Chicken Rate in Pakistan


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Last 10 Days Rate Report

Price Up/Down+200.00
Today RateRs.550
10 Days Ago RateRs.520
chicken rate today

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Today live chicken rate in Pakistan on 16 June 2023 is Rs.550 per kg, the market chicken rate (Murgi ka rate) is Rs.780 and the per Kg of poultry or chicken meat rate in Pakistan is Rs.900.

Chicken (Murgi ka rate) is the most used meat in Pakistan which plays an important role in the country’s food and is eaten with great taste. The demand for chicken in the country has grown very much over the years due to its affordability, health benefits, and versatility.

The price of chicken (Murgi ka rate) in Pakistan has always been in consumer interest. It is a high price that fluctuates frequently due to factors such as supply and demand, seasonal changes, and political instability. The price of chicken today in Pakistan varies in different areas and selling markets. Above we have provided the chicken rates of different cities in Pakistan on a daily basis.

The rate of chicken (Murgi ka rate) in Pakistan has increased very much in recent years mainly due to an increase in production cost. The cost of chicken feeding, which plays an important part in production costs, has increased due to the rising cost of raw materials, such as corn and soybean meal. This increase in production costs has resulted in higher prices for customers.

However, the Govt. should take steps to ensure that the chicken rate remains affordable and getable to all the people, while also promoting the growth of the poultry forms industry in the country.