0347 Which Network Code – Check More About All Telenor SIM Codes

Which Network Code Is

When we get a call from a weird number and don’t know the network code, we ask ourselves, “0347 which network code?” Do you have any comparable experiences? If so, and you’re curious about the network to which this SIM code belongs, you’ve found the proper place.

You won’t need to bother about a number, and it’s pretty easy because each network has a distinct SIM code. Therefore, all you need to keep in mind is the code that starts with the network series to determine the network of a given number.

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0347 Which Network Code in Pakistan Telecommunication Network

Telenor is operating in Pakistan with ten prepaid and postpaid codes from 0340 to 0349 in all major and minor cities. 0345 is also the Telenor Network code.

(0347 Which Network Code) Information and Details for Telenor Network Codes

  • The Telenor network
  • Identifier: 034_
  • Telenor SIM Codes: 0340034103420343034403450346034703480349


As you have seen in this post, 0345 and more till 0349 accordingly are Telenor Telecom network sim codes in Pakistan. Popular daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages from Telenor are affordable. We appreciate you visiting Blog Guru.


0349 is the 10th code of the Telenor Newark SIM in Pakistan.

0341 is the 3rd code of the Telenor SIM in Pakistan.

The fourth Telenor SIM code in Pakistan is 0342.

0343 is the 5th code for the Telenor SIM in Pakistan.

In Pakistan 0344 is the 6th code of the Telenor SIM.

0346 is the seventh code for the Telenor SIM in Pakistan.

In Pakistan 0347 is the 8th code of the Telenor SIM.

In Pakistan 0348 is the 9th code of the Telenor SIM.